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Psychology of a Wealth Builder


What type of person does it take to become a wealth builder? Here's a non exhaustive list and some considerations. Do you have any of these qualities - naturally or learned? If so you may have what it takes to go against the grain of modern society and experience the thrill of self reliance and financial freedom. 

  • Extreme focus and attention to detail
  • Frugal cost cutting
  • Habbit of saying "no" more than saying "yes"
  • Being willing to put off short term gratification and fulfillment for long term goals
  • Production focused rather than consume focused
  • Getting self esteem and fulfillment through production (being productive, acheiving something important) and relationships instead of consumption and showing off (big house, expensive car, latest fads, etc)
  • Habbit of going against the herd and being willing to take criticism and rejection
  • Willing to make sacrifices and live below means
  • Willing to self educate, value of resiliency, determination, drive, focus, tenacity, mental toughness and an independent thinker… yet gentle and considerate of others and those who are weaker
  • Having good self awareness and moral code that requires honoring the Creator and his creation

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    Hey pretty good article.

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