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Two Wolves And One Sheep


Democracy sounds great, who could argue with majority rules right? It all sounds very fair and reasonable and when looking at all the other systems and "isms" out there, it appears to be the fairest and most noble of them all. But the fact is, democracy is a terrible form of government. And for those who are immediately offended by that statement, I remind you that our country (USA) is not a democracy, its a republic. If you don't know the difference, you're not alone. The problem with democracies is they work... for a little while. In theory they sound great because who can argue with the core concept - majority rules? It sounds fair and reasonable, until you take it to its extreme which is a most terrible form of evil. Democracy is a majority using force to impose it will on a minority of people. Sounds great when you're part of that majority, but what happens when you're not? In a republic, the rights of the minority are protected from the majority. The reason why you see all these politicians and media types constantly promoting our country as a democracy and getting into foreign wars for the great moral high ground of forcing other countries to become democracies is because people are EASY TO CONTROL via a democracy. Plain and simple.

The next time you hear someone saying we're a democracy remember that a democracy is essentially two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. Not very fair at all.

Here's the historic cycle of all democracies throughout history. The fact is, as said by our founding fathers, democracies are a terrible form of government. We are on the precipice of finding out how terrible they really are.

How it affects your ability to create, protect and pass on wealth:

  • Higher taxes
  • More regulation
  • Police state
  • Lack of freedom (thought, speech, movement)
  • Zombie economy
  • Corruption, beauracracy

The illusion of choice.

The solution: returning power back to the states. Must stop taking the crack cocaine  (money) from the federal government.

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