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Monthly Group Coaching

Monthly Group Coaching

An Invitation To An Exclusive Group

The world is changing very quickly. I'm not sure if there's ever been a time in history quite like today, filled with so much opportunity. And also filled with so much risk and uncertainty. 

To be clear, history does repeat itself and there is "nothing new under the sun" as the wise King once said. 

But this time could be different.

Technology is changing and impacting every single area of our lives and its happening faster than most realize.

Within a few short years, intelligent algorithms and machines will replace or augment what humans have been doing manually for thousands of years.

The social, economic and spiritual impacts are huge and still unknown. 

Are you and your family prepared? You need an unfair advantage.

You need to be part of a network of Wealth Builders that have a "warrior" mindset of applying forward pressure each and every month towards their goals, without losing sight of the bigger picture! 

I want to help you reach your goals this year and beyond. I want to help you master the core wealth building skills I've learned over the past 20+ years. Skills to grow your income, master your money and investing and prepare for the future. 

I want to invite you to join a very exclusive group of my closest clients, a private coaching and mentoring group.

The thing is, you can "know" what to do, but that's not enough.

You have to develop the discipline and habits of sustained success and having an accountability coach and partner, someone with real world experience, someone you can talk to for input and advice when you need to, is critical.

What you get when you join this exclusive group: 

Knowledge and information is only half the battle. Guarantee your progress towards financial freedom. Get your most important questions answered while getting direct access to Hans Johnson and being part of a like minded community focused on living out the True Wealth Formula.

Want accountability and direct access? This is it. 

  • Continue your educational journey while developing proven wealth building skills
  • Break bad habits, fears and more, reprogram your mind for wealth building
  • Stay motivated, ensure progress towards your goals, get your questions answered
  • Learn exactly how I am personally implementing TWF today including tools and systems I'm currently using to manage money, invest and more

Monthly Group Coaching Includes: 

  • Minimum 1x monthly group coaching call (simple access from anywhere via your phone) - content will vary each month and there will always be lots of Q&A time
  • Access to past monthly group coaching MP3 recordings, executive summaries and other members only content via your Wealth Builder Library
  • Direct access to Hans Johnson via our chat feature in our Wealth Builder app for quick questions
  • Monthly coaching members also get access to any future, current or previous classes we've done via your Wealth Builder Library.

Just click below and we'll automatically add Monthly Group Coaching to your account - just $99 monthly ($99 fee will auto renew each month, cancel anytime). Space is limited and available first come first served to our most loyal and committed clients!

Monthly Group Coaching

$ 99.00

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