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TWF Implementation Class SPECIAL OFFER! (2017Q4)

TWF Implementation Class SPECIAL OFFER! (2017Q4)

Learn How To Get Your Money Working For You, Growing & Compounding Every Single Month... Regardless Of Market Direction. 

True Wealth Formula Implementation Class + TWF Course ($3,999 value)

4 Part TWF Money Management & Investing Class starts Thursday, November 16th at 6pm CST. 

This Limited Offer includes 4 Classes + the TWF full course.

Don't just learn it... do it. Knowledge and information is only half the battle. Guarantee your progress towards financial freedom. Get your most important questions answered while setting up and implementing your very own TWF wealth building plan.

  • Learn the True Wealth Formula, set up a personalized plan and asset management dashboard, get your questions answered
  • Break bad habits, fears and more, reprogram your mind for wealth building
  • Let me show you exactly how I am personally implementing TWF today including tools, systems and technology I'm currently using to manage money, invest and more all from my mobile device.
  • Most of what you hear out there is marketing first and foremost, speculation (gambling) second and rarely an investment. Learn a system to grow and compound your wealth regardless of market direction, marketing timing, predictions or catastrophic events. 
  • Some of what we'll be focusing on in the 4 part implementation class sessions:
    • Tracking systems
    • Non-discretionary decision filters, ratios and systems for money management
    • Putting your system on autopilot
    • Asset characteristics and balance sheet optimization for wealth building
    • Compound Debt Elimination (CDE) system to convert debt into wealth
    • New economy power skill self-audit
    • Identifying your primary and secondary investment strategies
    • Earned vs unearned income and where it's reported on your tax return
    • Investment rules to manage and minimize risk
    • Getting your personal and legacy vision straight and implemented
    • You will learn 30 different options to make money on your money with returns from 1-20%
  • This offer includes the True Wealth Formula Full Course (over 10 hours of video, audio and PDFs - $1,995 value) PLUS a $1000 discount on the TWF Implementation Class.
  • First class starts November 16th at 6pm CST, access via phone or web on the Wealth Builder app. Sessions will be approx 2-3hrs or so (Nov 16, 28, Dec 5 & 12). All sessions will be recorded for 24x7 future access in your Wealth Builder Library should you miss a class or for easy future access right from your mobile device. There will be 4 sessions total, approximately 1-2 weeks apart. You will receive an email providing you call in# and access details before the first session starts and it will also be posted in your Wealth Builder Library in the Classes section. 
  • You will have an option for ongoing support, training, coaching and accountability via our Monthly Group Coaching program.
  • Limited Offer essentially gets you the TWF Implementation classes for free via this link (very limited capacity, offer will expire soon).

PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT be giving personalized investment advice!

  • True Wealth Formula and the objectives of this implementation class are to give you a master strategy and framework as a self-directed investor so you are empowered with the mindset, knowledge and systems to be in control of your financial affairs at all times, especially when dealing with advisors.
  • We will be doing lots of Q&A and I will do my best to answer your questions according to what I might do or have done personally and/or help you to think through and apply TWF principles to your specific situation. 
  • I am a private Entrepreneur and Investor... NOT a CFP, CPA or attorney.  If you are looking for specific personalized investment advice (someone to tell you what to do) you should consult one of these licensed professionals.
  • If you are not willing to take personal responsibility for your own decisions please DO NOT sign up for this class. If you are willing to learn, grow and accept the responsibility of your own self-education and embrace the journey towards true wealth, then congratulations you are a perfect fit and I am super excited to work with you!

Hans Johnson
Entrepreneur, Investor and Author of True Wealth Formula

    TWF Implementation Class SPECIAL OFFER! (2017Q4)

    $ 995.00

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